Thursday, 31 July 2008

Ludacris 'Should Be Ashamed' Of Lyrics Bashing Bush And McCain, Says Barack Obama Rep

Ludacris is down with "Barack O'Drama" and is supportive of Barack Obama, but the presidential candidate's camp isn't too excited about the lyrics in "Politics as Usual," a freestyle on the mixtape Gangsta Grillz: The Preview.

Ne-Yo Tells Fans To Be Ready For Surprises On New LP, <i>Year of the Gentleman</i>

Ne-Yo says he has some surprises in store on his forthcoming LP, Year of the Gentleman, which is now slated for a September 16 release.

"It's a little bit of alternative, a little bit of pop, a little bit of rock," he told MTV News this week. "I basically stepped outside of my comfort zone and I came up with something that I can honestly say is for everyone.

Lollapalooza Architect Perry Farrell Addresses Barack Obama Rumor, Jane's Addiction Reunion

This weekend, tens of thousands of music fans will pour into — and trample — Chicago's verdant Grant Park for three days of around-the-clock music called Lollapalooza, an annual gathering of some of rock's biggest names and most buzzed-about upstarts, and the brainchild of ex-Jane's Addiction frontman Perry Farrell. But as far as Farrell knows, none of the tens of thousands of people who'll be there to watch Radiohead, Nine Inch Nails, Rage Against the Machine and hometown favorite Kanye West perform will be named Barack Obama.

Tom Cruise's Much-Delayed 'Valkyrie' Isn't A Dud, Co-Star Bill Nighy Insists

If you're the type of far-thinking filmgoer who likes to look up release dates well in advance of a movie's completion, you might have penciled in this weekend to see the new Tom Cruise World War II drama "Valkyrie." That is, if you hadn't already penciled it in for last month.

Mariah Carey, Fergie Promise To 'Love You Long Time' -- But Is The Phrase Empowering Or Insensitive?

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon — that's lovin' you short time, so far. "Lovin' You Long Time" well, that's another story (and Mariah's latest single).

My Chemical Romance's Gerard Way Says It's Been 'So Difficult' To Keep 'Watchmen' Bob Dylan Cover Under Wraps

SAN DIEGO — Everybody knows that Zack Snyder thrilled moviegoers with the first "Watchmen" trailer and dropped into Comic-Con to hold what many considered to be the most successful buzz-building panel of the week. Our regular readers also know that we broke the news last week that My Chemical Romance will contribute the only new song to the film's soundtrack, a cover of Bob Dylan's "Desolation Row."

Oasis leak single

Oasis have posted a clip of their new single, "Shock Of The Lightning", online. The brief extract of the band's first new material since last year's "Lord Don't Slow Me Down" can be seen on YouTube now. The 20-second snatch is part of a promo video for the Gallagher brothers' new album, "Dig Out Your Soul". The trailer concludes with the clip, following highlights of the band's music career, such as "Supersonic", "Go Let It Out" and "Lyla". "Dig Out Your Soul" is due for release on October 6 and will be preceded by "Shock Of The Lightning" on September 29. Watch Oasis' music videos here... Search for the latest concerts tickets on Ticketmaster

Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Soulja Boy Tell'em Promises 'Straight Takeover' With Next LP

Soulja Boy Tell'em is new, fresh, current and — God bless him — young. So young that back in 2002, when 50 Cent debuted "In Da Club," Soulja wasn't spending the equivalent of a mortgage payment on Cristal (rappers don't mess with it now, but back in the day that Cris was literally poppin') while dancing to Fif's hit at some nightclub. Nor was he in the studio trying to make a hit big enough to compete with the G-Unit general.

'Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince' Trailer, Shot By Shot: A Young Voldemort And Some Familiar Faces

The first trailer for "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" hit the Net, and with it comes our first real look at how director David Yates is tackling the series' sixth big-screen installment.

And boy, is it ... different.

(Discuss the trailer and check out images from the film over at the MTV Movies Blog.)

John McCain Ad Compares Barack Obama To Britney Spears, Paris Hilton

Last week, presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Senator Barack Obama was given the pop-star treatment during an overseas press trip, while his Republican rival, Senator John McCain, struggled to get attention back home. Now, McCain is taking a swing at Obama's glossy-magazine image with an ad that compares the freshman Illinois lawmaker to Paris Hilton and Britney Spears.

In the new 30-second spot called "Celeb," which is scheduled to air in 11 states, the McCain campaign mocks Obama's image as a media star by flashing pictures of tabloid staples Spears and Hilton in the opening shots. "He's the biggest celebrity in the world," a narrator says as chants of "Obama, Obama" swell in the background amid footage of the senator's speech in front of 200,000 in Berlin last week. "But is he ready to lead? With gas prices soaring, Barack Obama says no to offshore drilling and says he'll raise taxes on electricity. Higher taxes, more foreign oil — that's the real Obama."

A spokesperson for the McCain campaign confirmed the launch of the attack spot but did not respond to questions about whether Hilton or Spears had approved the usage of their images in it. In a conference call following the ad's release, McCain aides reportedly dismissed notions that the commercial had a sinister bent.

"What we decided to do is find the top-three international celebrities in the world, and I would say from our indications Britney and Paris came in second and third," campaign manager Rick Davis said, according to the Huffington Post. "Will people think of this as negative advertising? Look, it is the most entertaining thing I have seen on TV in a while. ... It is not our campaign that is trying to make him into an international celebrity. It's his campaign. ... I don't know Paris Hilton and Britney Spears, but they are international celebrities, so, you know, apples to apples."

Chief strategist Steve Schmidt added, "It is beyond dispute that [Obama] has become the biggest celebrity in the world. It is a statement of fact that is backed up by his tour," he said, referring to last week's trip to the Middle East and Europe, which garnered wall-to-wall press coverage that left McCain scrambling for attention with widely mocked appearances at a German restaurant and grocery store. "The question we are posing to the American people is, 'Is he ready to lead yet?' And the answer we are offering to the American people is, 'No, he is not,' " Schmidt said.

Davis also said in the conference call that the ad's intended effect was to make Obama seem "frivolous and irresponsible" like Spears and Hilton.

The Obama campaign took the new ad in stride. "On a day when major news organizations across the country are taking Senator McCain to task for a steady stream of false, negative attacks, his campaign has launched yet another," Obama spokesman Tommy Vietor said in a statement. "Or, as some might say, 'Oops! He did it again.' "

A deconstruction of the ad on the left-leaning Huffington Post called it part of a trend the political press have described as "a growing superficial negativity" that is emerging from the McCain camp, which, like Obama, had pledged to steer clear of personal attacks in the general election. "Certainly, footage of Obama alongside Spears and Hilton is designed to make him seen, at the very least, egomaniacal and, at worst, intellectually hollow," the Post wrote.

Earlier this week, McCain was taken to task for running an ad that some said questioned Obama's patriotism. The ad portrayed the Illinois senator as going to a gym to work out instead of visiting with wounded troops because he wasn't allowed to bring cameras along, an assertion that has been denied by the Obama campaign and which came despite repeated pledges from McCain's camp to never question Obama's patriotism.

Miley Cyrus' <i>Breakout</i> Bows At #1 But Doesn't Come Close To Lil Wayne's Million

When the world's most famous 15-year-old releases a record, chances are it's going to sell like ice cream in hell. So, heading into this week, it was pretty much a given that Miley Cyrus' first studio album not to feature the words "Hannah" or "Montana" in the title would open as the nation's best-selling release on next week's Billboard albums sales chart. The one thing no one could predict, however, was exactly how many copies Breakout would end up selling.

The answer, according to Nielsen SoundScan sales figures, is: not nearly as many as you might imagine. Given the fact that Cyrus' visage graces the T-shirts of millions of tween girls and her Disney Channel series has accrued a rabid following, you'd have thought Breakout would crush the 1 million-plus sales generated by Lil Wayne's Tha Carter III, 2008's biggest first-week performer. But it didn't even come close.

The teen star's second #1 debut — Hannah Montana 2: Meet Miley Cyrus put up week-one sales of 326,000 last summer — sold close to 371,400 copies during its first week on store shelves. For Cyrus, selling 371,400 records is still a tremendous achievement, especially for someone so new to the music industry. In fact, Breakout is the second-biggest seller of any release from a female artist this year, right behind the 463,000 Mariah Carey's E=MC2 sold during its first week of commercial availability. And as past Disney-associated releases have shown, Cyrus' record could end up being a grower, and not a first-week sales shower.

Country act Sugarland's Love on the Inside is a distant #2 with 313,600 debut-week scans. Those weren't the week's sole newcomers to the top 200, just the only two to crack the top 10. They join the "Mamma Mia" soundtrack at #3 (with 168,000 sold); Kid Rock's Rock N Roll Jesus at #4 (92,800); Wayne's Tha Carter III at #5 (85,200); Coldplay's Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends at # 6 (74,700); the "Camp Rock" soundtrack at #7 (66,600); Nas' Untitled at #8 (63,300); Now That's What I Call Music!, Vol. 28 at #9 (37,000); and Taylor Swift's Beautiful Eyes at #10 (35,100).

There are 18 other new releases to discuss, including Nine Inch Nails' Slip, which enters the chart at #13 after selling 29,100 copies. The self-titled debut EP from One Day As a Lion, the latest project from Rage Against the Machine frontman Zack de la Rocha, follows NIN at #28, scanning 17,200 copies its first week in stores. Candlebox return at #32 with Into the Sun, which generated sales of 14,400, while R&B singer Noel Gourdin's After My Time follows at #36, with debut-week sales of 13,700. U2's Live From Paris bows at #54, scanning 10,200 copies, and Counting Crows' Live From Soho enters at #66, with 8,600 sold. Slightly Stoopid's Slightly Not Stoned Enough to Eat Breakfast Yet Stoopid enters at #73 with 8,200 scans, and Pepper's Pink Crustaceans takes the #83 spot, selling 7,400.

The Classic Crime's Silver Cord enters the chart at #123, after selling 5,800 units, while the Black Kids' Partie Traumatic follows at #127, with 5,500 sold. Hell Rell's Black Mask, Black Gloves: The Ruga Edition debuts at #131, thanks to 5,400 scans. Sky Eats Airplane's self-titled offering fills the #172 slot with 4,000 copies snatched up. Austrian Death Machine's Total Brutal follows at #179, with 3,700 sold. Lastly, coming in at #189 with 3,400 scans, is CSS' Donkey.

R. Kelly's Mind Is Still In The Bedroom On New Tracks Leaked Online

For now, let's just call them "a bunch of songs we've never heard before," not R. Kelly's upcoming 12 Play: 4th Quarter LP.

More than a dozen of Kelly's previously unreleased records leaked online over the past couple of days, and the R. does shout out his upcoming album on a few of the tracks, leading the listener to believe they were to be included on the opus. The ditties are more in the R&B lane, with more singing and less hip-hop than his last album, Double Up.

Libido is in the driver's seat on a track labeled "At the Same Time." The Pied Piper sings about him and his lover arriving at their dream destination simultaneously. "We'll be curling our toes," he sings. " ... Girl, just let me know my access is granted/ Smooching is something I do to get started/ ... We're the perfect match/ Sex at its best/ You're my pussycat, I'm your hot mess."

Kelly's romps are still center stage in the song "Son of a Bitch," on which he delivers a softly sung, conversational flow over a piano. "You know the sex is good when you tell your best friend, 'He was screaming!' "

With all these hours logged in the bedroom, someone getting pregnant isn't a far stretch. "Might Be Mine" is a retelling of a "true story" from the singer's life. He left the club with a stripper, one thing led to another and a year later, he gets a phone call from the woman's lawyer saying she is about to have his baby. The song is told in narrative mode, like a chapter from "Trapped in the Closet."

"He said, 'Get ready to raise it'/ 'Cause she said he's the only one she laid with," he sings about the initial conversation with his potential baby mama's attorney. "There's a very good chance that it might be mine/ Oh, I should have used protection/ ... I guess I'm on my way to take the test."

As the record progresses, Kelly confronts his own legal team with the allegations. "They said, 'It's a good chance you might have to pay the cost,' " he croons. "I said, 'Good lawwwd!' "

His paternal instincts kick in on "Wanna Make a Baby," on which he gives himself a pat on the back for his work between the sheets: "I'm talking two thumbs up every time we make love."

He throws in humorous punch lines and references to modern technology. "Let the iPod play/ ... I'm trying to knock you up so you can have a mini-me."

"Hair Braider," which was released to video and radio outlets, is the only record out of the set of 13 that was an official track.

Since he was exonerated on child-pornography charges last month, Kelly has been focusing on the underground, dropping freestyles over tracks such as Lil Wayne's "A Milli" and Hot Stylz's "Lookin' Boy." He hasn't put out any more singles.

Jive Records has not said whether any of these records (not counting "Hair Braider," of course) were supposed to be on the fourth incarnation of 12 Play. It has been confirmed by the Grammy winner's camp that his album was being talked about for release later this year.

Shia LaBeouf Was Encouraged To Flee Crash Scene But Refused, Witness Says

It's one of those dilemmas that sounds like it could have come right out of a movie: A young rising Hollywood star is in a late-night car crash involving alcohol and sees a chance to flee the scene and ditch responsibility.

According to a report on, such a scenario played out early Sunday morning, when Shia LaBeouf was involved in a car crash that police now say was not his fault.

An alleged eyewitness to the crash, Brian Perrulli, told the site that he had arrived on the scene after the crash and stopped to help when he overheard the man who was in the vehicle LaBeouf hit telling the actor to leave the scene.

"Shia was tending to the other people in the car, signing over information, like insurance and stuff, and basically, I overheard the guy tell him, 'You should just get out of here and go,' and Shia said, 'Nah, man. I gotta deal with this. My license plate, it's my car. I don't wanna go; I gotta deal with this,'" Perrulli said. The eyewitness added that the unnamed person from the other vehicle promised the "Indiana Jones" star that he would cover for him.

"The guy Shia hit told him, 'You should get outta here,' and 'I never saw you,' " Perrulli claimed. "He said, 'I never saw you,' and Shia said, 'No, man, I gotta stay here and deal with this. It's my problem.' "

Perrulli also claimed that LaBeouf — who authorities said appeared clearly intoxicated at the scene, after reportedly partying at a nearby nightclub in the hours before the crash — did not appear to be drunk to him. Police now say the accident occurred because the other car ran a red light.

"He looked more disoriented and shocked more than drunk," Perrulli said. "I wouldn't have thought he was drunk."

Harry Potter Fans Call 'Half-Blood Prince' Trailer 'Bold,' 'Intense' And 'Eerie'

Far from being disappointed that the new "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" trailer is barely about Harry at all, most fans say they love this first glimpse of Tom Riddle — the boy who would grow up to become the Dark Lord. They did have a few reservations, though.

Chris Brown Says He Has A '5 Percent Chance' Against Lil Wayne, T.I. At VMAs

Chris Brown knows he has some stiff competition at this year's VMAs.

After hearing he's up against Lil Wayne, Usher, T.I. and Flo Rida, the Best Male Video nominee for his "With You" clip told MTV News, "I lost. There's, like, a 5 percent chance now. Wayne is definitely on top of his game right now. He might win. He has the flavor."

There's also one other nominee that 19-year-old Brown owes some props to: "Usher has been in the game for a while."

Kanye West, Barack Obama And A Bunch Of Bold Lollapalooza Predictions, In <i>Bigger Than The Sound</i>

On The Record: My Lollapalooza Predictions

I have always had a rather inexplicable love for summer festivals. This is probably because when I was 14, I got kicked in the head during Rage Against the Machine's afternoon set at Lollapalooza '93. There can be no other explanation.

Because, really, when you think about it, summer festivals are awful. The sun is merciless, the lines are long and the port-a-potties are ripe. The tickets are expensive, the sound is terrible, and the sets are short. I can't really understand why anyone — aside from those with a death wish or a thing for sunstroke — would go to, say, Lolla or All Points West. And yet, they do. In overwhelmingly large numbers.

Which I guess I can understand, because, for whatever reason, I find myself doing the exact same thing. Year after year. It seems I can't get enough of crisscrossing a dustbowl several times a day to watch, say, the National perform for 45 minutes from a distance that would give a sniper pause. Apparently, I revel in the branding magic that manifests itself in the Budweiser Summer Shooters Tents, the SoBe Mountain Blast Chillax Lounges and the Scion Silent Discos. And it would seem that my faith in humanity is restored every time I wander by the ghost town that is Activism Alley, where the voter-registration booths sit empty and desolate.

But perhaps my favorite thing about summer festivals is that they're all exactly, totally and completely the same, and they've been that way forever (and not just because Jack Johnson plays at all of them). It doesn't matter if you were at Lollapalooza, H.O.R.D.E., Bonnaroo, Coachella or even Camp Bisco, you've had the same experiences I have. You probably drank and/or smoked too much. You no doubt sat in a mist tent, bought something made of hemp and paid too much for a bottle of water. You stood in traffic and saw an amazing set by so-and-so and maybe even made out with someone special. There is a familiarity there — it is refreshing and comforting, and it is at least part of the reason why we keep going back.

That said, if you've been going to festivals for as long as I have, they all tend to blend together (which is why I've been able to make it this far on sweeping generalities alone). It's easy to know what to expect, even if you're talking about a festival as epic — and epically hyped — as this weekend's Lollapalooza in Chicago's Grant Park, where as much of the chatter has been about the Sunday-night showdown between Kanye West and Nine Inch Nails as it has been about the rumored appearance by Barack Obama.

Clearly, this isn't your average summer slog through the dustbowl.

And yet, I'm sticking to my original hypothesis: All summer festivals are the same, no matter how many A-listers you pack onto one bill, or how many presidential candidates make appearances. And Lollapalooza is no different. So, as I board a plane bound for the Windy City, I'm drawing on my decades of experience to make 10 bold predictions about what you can expect this weekend at Lolla 2008. I'd say it's required reading, but you know that already. After all, I'm an expert. (Check out our coverage of last year's Lolla in the YouRHere blog.)

Prediction #1: Lollapalooza Mastermind (and psychotropic drug enthusiast) Perry Farrell will wander Grant Park wide-eyed and shirtless, play a DJ set of some form and pass out somewhere in Michigan. This will all probably happen by the time Radiohead take the stage on Friday. Actually, it's probably happening right now.

Prediction #2: Kanye West will fail to mention the fact that Lollapalooza takes place in his hometown of Chicago, because people don't really seem to care about that sort of thing. This is my mortal, lead-pipe lock for the weekend.

Prediction #3: Rage Against The Machine's incendiary screeds against evil, multinational corporations that trample human rights and blot out cultural diversity in a never-ending quest for increased profit margins and lower bottom lines will sound totally awesome broadcast live ... from the AT&T Blue Room and direct to your mobile phone!

Prediction #4: Barack Obama will make an appearance at the fest, though it won't be to introduce Kanye or Wilco, as many are predicting. Rather, he'll be on hand to catch the 12:15 set by electronic duo Holy F---, because he "loves their spazzy, frantic live performances and glitchy, noisy low end."

Prediction #5: Not to be outdone, presumptive Republican nominee John McCain will also show up at Lolla, but only because he mistakenly believes VHS or Beta to be a hot-button issue with the American public.

Prediction #6: The number of bands with the word "black" in their name (at first glance, three — Black Lips, Black Keys and Black Kids) will be far greater than the number of actual black people in attendance, by a wide margin.

Prediction #7: In 2015, one of the dudes in Innerpartysystem will be staring out of a window in an Ohio office park, drinking coffee out of a Styrofoam cup and muttering to no one in particular that he was once in a band that played Lollapalooza. The woman vacuuming nearby will smile and nod. It will be an hour before he speaks again.

Prediction #8: Temperatures in Grant Park will soar so high that translucent pop-chanteuse Duffy will suddenly burst into flames. This will somehow only improve her music.

Prediction #9: At some point during the weekend, I will call my wife and complain about any (or all) of the following: the heat, the dust, the cost of food, the selection of food, the distance between the hotel and the venue, my co-workers, the bands I've been forced to watch, the bands I've been forced to miss, walking, sweating, my shoes, my shorts and Chicago in general. I will also begin to consider that I am a terrible person.

Prediction #10: During his Saturday-night headlining set at the Perry stage, DJ Momjeans (a.k.a. Danny Masterson, the dude who played Hyde on "That '70s Show") will abruptly stop whatever record he's playing, think to himself "My God ... I am a total douche," and suddenly realize that his life is meaningless and none of this matters in the slightest. He will then curl up on in a ball on the floor, eyes vacant and wide. Never blinking. Never. The same will possibly (hopefully) happen during Louis XIV's Friday afternoon set.

Questions? Concerns? Predictions? Send 'em to me at

Trick Daddy Denies Beef With Rick Ross, Says He's Not Responsible For Prison-Guard Rumors

Yeah, Trick Daddy has had his share of public fisticuffs, and he's said hateful words toward rap foes in interviews and video blogs, but the Miami Mayor insists the only beef he's cooking these days is in his kitchen.

"I refuse to go through some fake rap beef about something somebody on the computer said," Trick lamented over the weekend on the phone from his home.

At the heart of his comment was the recent Rick Ross prison-guard scandal.

While legal documents and pictures have purportedly surfaced that peg the Boss as a prison guard more than a decade — and The Smoking Gun released more details earlier this week — Trick Daddy's name has been thrust into the mix as well. Footage of an interview surfaced wherein Ross was asked what he thought about Trick Daddy telling people he was a corrections officer. Ross responded by saying the allegations were false and that Trick was a "sucker" (and that was probably the nicest thing he said) for trying to falsely blow him up. The only problem is, Trick says he never did go around telling people about his fellow Miami native's past — right side of the law or otherwise.

"Me and Ross had a clear understanding 'bout the whole station," Trick said. "The video [interview] comes from an attempt to start a beef like two or three years ago. Some people around you don't mean you good. After figuring that out, those people are no longer in the situation. When this whole thing came out, it had nothing to do with me. Then all of sudden this video popped up on [the Net]. I'm a man. I don't do sh-- like that."

Regardless of whether Trick was the culprit, Ross' comments about him did raise eyebrows. What does he think of the tongue-lashing?

"The only thing I can say to that is, I'm a grown man," Trick insisted. "I'm definitely not gonna [let] nobody make me say something negative. I'm a Rick Ross fan. A lot of years ago, a lot of people wanted me and Rick Ross to have this problem with one another, and they almost succeeded from what you can see in the video. The video is very old. It's two or three years old. As far as that situation, he was given some bad advice. He's a very talented person. It seems like me and Ross was going through some type of problems. I don't have problems with nobody, period. I don't care what the video says. Me and Ross never had problems. That was somebody lying."

Trick was also upset at the rumors that he might be behind the prison-guard photos that have recently popped up. Trick said he's heard ridiculous innuendo that he was behind those pictures surfacing after all these years.

"You know how the media go," he rationalized. "I'm just surprised it comes from so many so-called professional people that they would even involve my name in that. I had nothing to do with that from day one. They don't need to make up lies like I leaked pictures or I'm beefing with Plies and Rick Ross. Definitely not Rick Ross — that's my homeboy."

Trick and Ross did speak just days ago, and everything was on sturdy ground. "He's working on his album, man," Trick said. "The media tries to do what they do. You can't stop. You gotta get money."

On the Plies front, everyone has the right to believe that he and Plies had problems. Trick lambasted the young MC during a video blog from the set of DJ Khaled's "Out Here Grindin' " video shoot. Among the pleasantries, he called him "fake."

"I got pissed off and said what I said," Trick said. "But as far as me and Plies having a major problem, that ain't what this is. I don't have no problems with him.

"I been in this game a long time," he continued. "It's a certain respect or understanding you should have about me if you grew up in my area. If you from Florida, Georgia, them places, and you in between the ages of 15 and 35, I practically raised you on the music tip. There's a certain level of respect you should give me. You don't owe me, but at the same time, it's certain things that were said and done that I felt was disrespectful. But me and him got a clear understanding, I'm sure we do. [Him not showing up to Khaled's video shoot], that's what made me pop off at the time. But it started before that."

Trick recently inked a Cash Money Records deal with his protégés the Dunk Riders. That LP is just about done and is due out sometime this year. Baby and Lil Wayne are slated to have guest features.

Trick's next solo LP will be called Finally Famous. That project is scheduled for the top of 2009 with records "Ghetto Superstar" and "I'm the Realest" duking it out behind the scenes for first-single rights.

'Twilight' Tuesday: 10 Things Comic-Con Taught Us About 'Twilight'

SAN DIEGO — Unless you've been living under a rock for the past week, you've likely heard that the stars of the film "Twilight" (due in December) made their first collective public appearance at Comic-Con on Thursday, setting off a feeding frenzy among media who are just now realizing that this movie might sell a few tickets.

But as we welcome other media outlets to the party, we've also got one thing to confess: Even after all the "Twilight" Tuesdays we've been running this year, there are still a few things about Stephenie Meyer's universe that we didn't know.

Shia LaBeouf 'Not At Fault' In Accident: Police

Authorities have determined that Shia LaBeouf was not at fault for the car accident he was involved in on Sunday morning, according to The Associated Press.

Sheriff's spokesman Steve Whitmore told AP that detectives have determined that the other driver apparently ran a red light, and will be cited.

"He was not at fault," Whitmore said of the actor.

Initial reports said that LaBeouf had made an illegal left turn, causing the accident. The actor was arrested on a misdemeanor charge of driving under the influence, and then released.

LaBeouf recently underwent surgery on his hand for an injury he suffered during the accident. Neither his reported passenger, "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" co-star Isabel Lucas, nor the other driver were seriously injured in the crash. A spokesperson for LaBeouf said the surgery went well and the actor is expected to return to work on the "Transformers" sequel within a month.

News of his recovery comes on the heels of less fortunate developments for the actor. He recently spoke about drinking with Details magazine for its September issue. "We would drink together and smoke together," LaBeouf, 22, said about himself and his father. "And it's just a bad deal. It's not something that is conducive to being a role model — no iconic actors that I know of have problems like that. And I don't know how to do it like a gentleman. I don't know how to have one drink."

And Monday, anonymous reports surfaced about his behavior before the accident. Citing an anonymous source, reported that LaBeouf was out watching the band Lemon Son and "dancing around and acting really crazy. He kept doing shots of whiskey," the source said. "He stayed until the band was done and then stumbled out of the club by himself."

On Tuesday (July 29), Mothers Against Drunk Driving posted an open letter to LaBeouf on its Web site asking the actor to voluntarily install an ignition interlock device on all vehicles registered in his name "to protect the safety of his family and the citizens of his community." The locks test a driver's breath and are linked to a vehicle's ignition system, cutting off the ignition if the driver is intoxicated.

In addition to completing any other punishments he may face if he's convicted, MADD said it hoped that "Mr. LaBeouf will voluntarily use the opportunity of his DUI arrest to educate his fans — and the country — about this life-saving device by installing the device on his vehicles."

[This story was originally published on 7.29.08 at 4:24 p.m. ET.]

Miley Cyrus Hints At Final Season Of 'Hannah Montana'

Miley Cyrus might be getting ready to hang up her "Hannah Montana" wig for good. The singer/actress, 15, told E! Online that the third season might mark the show's end. "We're thinking this is our last season," she said, explaining that she's been working on the program longer than most people realize. Just 11 when it began, she will turn 16 in November and seems willing to quit while she's ahead.

"I just think we did a lot of episodes," she told E!. "We basically did two seasons in one last year. Usually people would do one season [and] that would be, like, 16 episodes, and we did almost 30 episodes! ... It seems like it's been on, like, longer."

A representative for Disney was quick to respond to the news, saying, "Miley said it best when she said she's delighted to be part of the Disney family. ... We start production on the third season of 'Hannah Montana' on August 4 and have an option for a fourth season beyond that. We look forward to the 'Hannah Montana' feature film coming to a theater near you in spring 2009." A rep for Cyrus also chimed in, saying, "We do not know if this is the last season."

Even as Cyrus was saying she's thinking about leaving behind the alter ego that has turned her into a teen superstar, she was careful not to make it seem like she's bailing on Disney. "I'm still with my family," she said of the Mouse House. "You know, they're safe. They always feel like home. And that's what I love about the company. They are family."

Just as the scandal over her viral jab at Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato was dying down, Cyrus was hit with yet another photo scandal this week, at least her third one this year, this time involving some PG-rated shots of her apparently making out with an ex-boyfriend.

And though it's clearly a publicity stunt, Disney can't be happy about a new endorsement-gig offer Cyrus got this week. LifeStyles Condoms has offered Cyrus $1 million to become its spokesperson. "Pop culture proves that teens are more ready than ever to discuss the subject of sex," the company's VP of marketing said. "We believe that Miley is both influential and relatable to this afflicted set — and is the obvious choice to get the message of safe sex out to teens across America." A rep for Cyrus said they never received, and would not consider, the offer.

Win A Trip To The VMAs With Think.MTV.Com!

By Jocelyn Vena is offering one lucky activist the chance to attend this year’s Video Music Awards on September 7 in Los Angeles. Any member who joins the group “Do Good. Go to the VMAs” between Thursday and August 22 will be registered to win two tickets to the VMAs, as well as hotel and travel accommodations.

All you have to do is go to, join the group “Do Good. Go to the VMAs” and start sharing your summer volunteer experiences. Upload videos, photos, audio or blog about the ways you gave back this summer. Contestants must be at least 18 years old to win.

“MTV Research shows that young people seek out and appreciate recognition for taking action on issues that are important to them,” said Ian Rowe, senior vice president of strategic partnerships and public affairs. “Contests like ‘Do Good. Go to the VMAs’ celebrate young people’s efforts, helping to normalize activism and create positive peer pressure to ‘do good.’ ”

There’s one more contest that has up its sleeve. Politically minded individuals can submit a 90-second viral video for the “In the Time It Takes” competition showing young people how easy it is to vote. The winner will get a trip for two to LA and VIP passes to Declare Yourself’s “Young Hollywood” party in September. All entries are due August 3. You can find more info here.

Amy Winehouse Back At Home After Brief Hospitalization

Amy Winehouse is back at home after spending a night at London's University College Hospital for observation following what her reps said was an adverse reaction to some new medication she took.

She was released from the hospital Tuesday morning (July 29), according to an Associated Press report. "She had a bit of a scare yesterday because of a reaction to treatment. She was kept in overnight purely for observation," a spokesperson said in a statement. "Amy is at home now after leaving with her father and manager. She is having a rest."

Winehouse was rushed to the hospital's emergency room by ambulance Monday night following what the spokesperson said was an adverse reaction to an unspecified medication. It was the second hospitalization this summer for the troubled singer. Winehouse was admitted to a London clinic in June after collapsing at home and her father, Mitch Winehouse, later said she was suffering from the early stages of the deadly lung disease emphysema as a result of smoking cigarettes and crack cocaine.

Mitch Winehouse said the latest setback for the 24-year-old singer was minor. Standing outside the hospital Monday night, he waved a bag of fast food from a neighboring fried chicken restaurant and told reporters, "This is how serious it is," according to the Times Online.

Tabloid reports said the overnight hospitalization followed another wild weekend for the singer, who has reportedly sworn off any live concerts after September in order to concentrate on recording the follow-up to her Grammy-winning Back to Black. The Daily Mail reported that Winehouse was seen punching a metal security blind on a shop during a night out that also included water fights in the street.

Winehouse "not spiked"

Amy Winehouse's dad has denied reports she was rushed to hospital this week after being spiked with ecstasy. The embattled singer has now returned home after a dramatic emergency dash on Monday evening. Today's UK press were full of claims from a 'source' that Mitch Winehouse was "certain" his daughter had been taken unwell due to being drugged. However, he has now insisted he never said such a thing, telling the BBC: "And I don't know who this source is. But I'm gonna find out." Amy, who is now said to be doing "just fine" by her father, is said to have suffered a reaction to the medication she is on as she battles drug addiction. Watch Amy Winehouse's music videos here... Search for the latest concerts tickets on Ticketmaster

Free Streets

The Streets are giving a song away online, in preparation for the release of new album "Everything Is Borrowed". "The Escapist" was made available today and is the first fruits from the follow-up to 2006's "The Hardest Way To Make An Easy Living". Fans can download the track, which is the final song on the new album, from As previously reported, The Streets tour the UK in October. The dates are as follows: October 2008 04 Glasgow Barrowlands 05 Manchester Academy 06 Sheffield Plug 09 Birmingham Academy 10 Newcastle Academy 11 Oxford Academy 13 Southampton Guildhall 14 Preston 53 Degrees 16 Norwich UEA 17 Bristol Academy 18 Nottingham Rock City 19 Leeds Academy "Everything Is Borrowed" is due for release on September 15. Buy The Streets' Tickets

Ronnie takes therapeutic stroll near Surrey rehab clinic


Walking through the long grass with a shadow of a smile on his face, Ronnie Wood appeared to be enjoying his outing from the Surrey clinic where he is being treated for addiction issues.

The Rolling Stones guitarist, who has vowed to overcome his problems with alcohol for the sake of his family as well as the band, is expected to remain at the facility for six weeks.

He checked into the facility a fortnight ago after returning from the family's Irish mansion - where he had been staying with a teenage Russian waitress - to hold crisis talks with his wife Jo.

Pals of the star say he's making good progress, while clinic employees have apparently been impressed by his down-to-earth attitude. "Ronnie acts like a regular bloke. No one can believe he's a rock star," says a source.

AC/DC world tour?

AC/DC are in discussions about embarking on an 18-month world tour later this year, they have confirmed. The rock legends are said to be in the final stages of negotiations about the enormous raft of dates. Their agent says the gigs, the band's first since 2001, will kick-off in October and will be backed by a new album. Rob Light was speaking at a conference of fellow management figures in California earlier this week. AC/DC's last album, "Stiff Upper Lip", was released in 2000 and then followed by a 12 month tour. Watch AC/DC's music videos here... Search for the latest concerts tickets on Ticketmaster

Fergie becomes prostitute

Fergie is to play a prostitute in a new film, it has been claimed. The Black Eyed Peas' singer and solo star will make her latest big screen appearance in "Nine", alongside Daniel Day-Lewis. The movie is a big screen adaptation of the award-winning musical of the same name and also stars Penelope Cruz, Nicole Kidman, Judi Dench and Kate Hudson. Fergie, who will sing one of the lead tracks alongside Day-Lewis, is set to play a key role alongside the "There Will Be Blood" Oscar winner. "She's basically a prostitute on the beach. She introduces him to the world of sexuality. "It's a very strong song. I'm just thrilled I get to play a character", she said of "Nine", which begins shooting in October. Fergie, who has previously appeared in "Poseidon" and "Grindhouse", has also revealed that The Black Eyed Peas have begun work on a new album. Speaking about the follow-up to 2005's "Monkey Business", she commented: "It's a new sound. We're going into the future". Watch Fergie's music videos here... Search for the latest concerts tickets on Ticketmaster

'Housewives' Teri and James wow California while Tim plays London


After impressing US viewers with her singing voice during American Idol earlier this year, Teri Hatcher has once again stepped behind the mic. The Desperate Housewives star teamed up with her co-star James Denton for the second time to perform with his group, Band From TV.

The outfit took to the stage in California for a charity gig following a baseball match. James, who plays plumber Mike Delfino in the hit show, formed the group with the idea of combining his love of rock'n'roll with his desire to raise money for good causes. Other famous members include House's Jesse Spencer and Greg Grunberg - aka telepathic Matt Parkman from Heroes.

The small-screen troupe aren't the only ones who have been showcasing their musical talents recently. Across the pond in London Oscar winner Tim Robbins picked up his guitar to perform a batch of sea shanties at a special show celebrating an album inspired by Pirates Of The Caribbean.

Tim, whose father was the singer in a Sixties folk band, was helping bring alive new disc Rogue's Gallery. The work, which was the brainchild of actor Johnny Depp and Pirates director Gore Verbinski, features artists from Lou Reed to Bryan Ferry covering a selection of songs traditionally sung by seamen.

Bond song revealed

Jack White and Alicia Keys have been chosen to record the official theme tune for the new James Bond film, according to reports. The White Stripes star and his pop side-kick have emerged as the frontrunners for the "Quantum Of Solace" song after months of speculation. Confirming the news, producers Michael G Wilson and Barbara Broccoli said: "We are delighted and pleased to have two such exciting artists as Jack and Alicia." The song is understood to be called "Another Way To Die" and has been written and produced by White. He is also said to play drums on the song, which will become the first ever Bond duet, claims Billboard. The soundtrack to "Quantum Of Solace" is due out on October 28, with the film expected to follow on November 7. Watch The White Stripes' music videos here... Search for the latest concerts tickets on Ticketmaster

Metallica to play club show in London

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Metallica will play exclusive shows for members of its fan club in Berlin on September 12 and in London on September 15 to help promote its upcoming album, the rock band said on Tuesday.

Details about the locations and ticket availability were not disclosed in the group's email to members.

Metallica is preparing for the fall release of "Death Magnetic," its first studio album since the 2003 critical and commercial disappointment "St. Anger."

It also marks the recording debut of bassist Rob Trujillo, who replaced Jason Newsted after "St. Anger" was completed.

(Reporting by Dean Goodman)

Dylan readies rarities

A new Bob Dylan compilation of unreleased material will come out later this year, it has been announced. "Tell Tale Signs" will be available as a triple-disk collection of rarities, previously unavailable songs and live tracks. It is the eighth and latest edition of his "Bootleg Series", spanning the years 1989 and 2006. As part of the promotion, a never-before-heard track from 1997, entitled "Dreamin' Of You", will be made available as a free download from "Tell Tale Signs" is due for release on October 7. Watch Bob Dylan's music videos here... Search for the latest concerts tickets on Ticketmaster

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Kanye West And MTV Hear Veterans' Stories -- And Help Them -- In 'Homecoming'

Returning home from war is one of the biggest challenges a veteran faces. In the MTV News special "Choose or Lose & Kanye West Present: Homecoming" — which airs tonight (Monday, July 28) at 10 p.m. ET — Kanye West and MTV's Sway Calloway surprise three veterans with visits to their homes. Kanye and Sway listen to their stories, thank them for their contributions to the country, and then help the vets confront their challenges, including debt and adjusting to civilian life.

"There are hundreds of thousands of veterans who have fallen through the cracks," Kanye says in the show. "I wanted to hear their stories."

West is visibly moved by the veterans' stories. "This past year I suffered a lot of losses," he says, referring primarily to the death of his mother, Donda. (The MC's Dr. Donda West Foundation and MTV are providing most of the money for the gifts to the veterans.) "I know my music inspires people, but you can always do more."

One vet, 25-year-old Tirann Laws from Oklahoma City, suffers from post-tramautic stress disorder and has found himself in debt and having difficulty holding down a job. He says he wants to return to school. West and MTV offer him that opportunity -- but as grateful as Laws is, Kanye also finds himself changed by the experience. "You make me want to improve myself," West says. "We thought I'd come in and be an inspiration to you and lift your spirits, but actually you're inspirational to me because I'm going through a lot of losses."

Next up, Kanye meets with aspiring rapper Lorenzo Zarate, 24, at his home in Austin, Texas. Zarate's wife has a baby on the way, and the couple say they are just weeks away from being forced to leave their home. During the visit, Kanye and Zarate find common ground in Zarate's home studio — "I remember those days," Kanye reminisces — and he plays a bit of "Can't Tell Me Nothing" on Zarate's keyboard. Then the gifts are revealed: paying six months' rent, a new microphone, a week of studio time and an internship at a local radio station.

Like Zarate, 24-year-old Shameeka Gray of Charlotte, North Carolina, came back from war and found herself in tremendous debt, but must devote most of her time to caring for her young son. Kanye related to Gray over the subject of death; she said it was when someone in her company died that she realized she could die too.

Kanye said, "Sometimes it's definitely easier to not even accept death and just act like you're in a bad dream and you could wake up from it." Gray's gift is paying off her credit card debt, and setting up a college-tuition fund for her son.

Profiles for all three vets (Shameeka Gray, Tirann Laws and Lorenzo Zarate) are available on the Choose or Lose site, where viewers can also interact with the veterans and find ways to take action on these issues and share their own thoughts on the subject.

Back To The 'Bash' With T.I., Young Jeezy, Ludacris And The Game: <i>Mixtape Monday</i>

Mid-Season's Finest: ATL's "Birthday Bash"

First off, I'm so tired of hearing about that Brett Favre! My Giants knocked you out the box last year. Packers, just trade him already. I hate turning on "Sports Center" every night and hearing about this dude. ... OK, now let's get to the business at hand. This week, we're not bringing you our traditional mixtape pick of the week. It's time to step back to look at some of the best things we've been a part of, listened to or watched so far this year. We'll be doing so periodically for the rest of the summer. In the first installment, how could we not shout out the best ensemble one-off show of the year?

'Twilight' Exclusive: Stars Kellan Lutz, Ashley Greene To Reunite For The Film 'Strife'

LOS ANGELES — Although their film doesn't even come out for another six months, the young stars of "Twilight" have already reached a level of star status that most actors would kill for. And now, two of the castmembers already have plans to reunite.

MTV News has exclusively learned that Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene have signed on to "Strife," a film set to begin production in a few weeks. The movie will arrive in theaters next year, shortly after audiences will have seen Lutz and Greene as Cullen clan members Emmett and Alice, respectively.

Directed by filmmaker Omid Shabkhiz, "Strife" tells the story of three friends struggling with day-to-day life in the drug- and gang-infested streets of Los Angeles. Caught in a world of violence and tragedy, they struggle to discover the hope and love that can help them persevere.

The burly, charismatic 23-year-old Lutz is set to play Jagger, a smooth-talking but troubled young man who gets caught in his own game when he falls into debt. His desperate actions set much of the film's plot into action.

Meanwhile, the sweet-smiling Greene has been cast as Trish, a well-educated girl who hits the streets of Los Angeles with the best of intentions. Passionate about women's rights and social awareness, Greene will be a stark contrast to Lutz's character.

She'll also be the voice of reason for the film's third lead, a man named Lorenzo, played by up-and-comer Kyle Schmid ("The Covenant," "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants"). Schmid's character is a privileged young man from a wealthy family who nonetheless has to fight temptations as he tries to remain loyal to his friends.

The reunion of Lutz and Greene should please the army of Twilighters, who are likely to be intrigued by the thought of their squeaky-clean franchise stars getting gritty in an independent film. While Lutz's career is taking off with roles on the new "90210" TV show and HBO's wartime drama "Generation Kill," his role in "Strife" should allow him to balance "Twilight" with an impressive show of versatility. The 21-year-old Greene, meanwhile, will be landing in her most prominent film role yet after several years of TV work on shows like "Shark" and "Crossing Jordan."

As of press time, we could not confirm whether Greene will be allowed to grow her hair long again before the film begins production. We also could not confirm whether the film would take extra security measures to keep the Lutz-obsessed Web site away long enough to let their so-called "Princess" do his job. (By the way, the preceding paragraph should be read with extreme sarcasm.)

"Strife" will be produced by Christopher Peters, Peter Banifaz and director Shabkhiz. It is due to begin filming in September, with more actors to be announced over the next few weeks.

Every Tuesday is "Twilight" Tuesday here at MTV News! Check back here each and every week for the hottest scoop on the film adaptation of Stephenie Meyer's beloved vampire series, and we'll still bring you breaking "Twilight" news throughout the rest of the week. And make sure you check out the MTV Movies Blog for our ongoing "Twilight" discussions each and every day.

Check out everything we've got on "Twilight."

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Amy Winehouse Hospitalized

Oft-troubled pop diva Amy Winehouse was admitted to the emergency room at University College Hospital in London on Monday (July 28), suffering from an adverse reaction to medication, a spokeswoman for the 24-year-old singer told MTV News. She will be kept under observation overnight and is likely to be released on Tuesday.

According to the U.K.'s Daily Telegraph, Winehouse was wheeled out of her North London apartment at approximately 8:40 p.m. local time, wrapped in a blanket and receiving oxygen. Her father, Mitch Winehouse, was by her side.

Winehouse's hospital visit is the latest in a string of health scares for the admitted drug user, who, according to her father, was recently diagnosed with early stage emphysema. It is unknown whether her emphysema, an irreversible and degenerative condition exacerbated by smoking, had anything to do with her most recent collapse.

Either way, it's been a bad year health-wise for Winehouse, who just two months ago fainted at home, precipitating a hospital visit. Winehouse was also admitted into rehab for drug addiction this past January.

Winehouse's latest medical mishap comes just a week after her husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, was sentenced to 27 months in jail after being convicted of assault and obstruction of justice. Winehouse was interviewed about the incident but not charged.

'Transformers 2' Star Tyrese Gibson Doubts Shia LaBeouf's Injury Will Delay Filming: 'He Can Afford A Private Nurse'

SAN DIEGO — Shia LaBeouf is currently recovering at Cedars-Sinai Hospital from extensive hand surgery, as well as injuries to his knee and head caused by a car accident in Hollywood on Sunday morning, but the "Indiana Jones" star won't be getting any sympathy cards from his "Transformers" co-star Tyrese Gibson, who downplayed the incident when MTV News caught up with him on Sunday at Comic-Con.

Asked if there were any contingency plans in place given the early word that LaBeouf might be in the hospital upwards of a month, Gibson scoffed: "A month? He won't be in the hospital for a month. He just hurt his hand. He can afford a private nurse."

"Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" had a buffer window built into its hectic shooting schedule early on, given fears of a possible SAG strike last month. Whether that buffer will be used to accommodate LaBeouf's potential absence is unknown, but for now, production is moving full steam ahead, Gibson said.

"Right now, there's only three films being shot in this country," he proudly declared on where production stood at the moment. "We got two and a half more months. I just did two night shoots in a row out there in Long Beach. We rolling, man. Right now, we rolling."

A Paramount spokesperson had no comment when MTV News asked how long filming could be delayed due to LaBeouf's accident.

LaBeouf was arrested on suspicion of drunken driving and released. A statement from his spokesperson indicated he had plans to return to "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" within the month.

As for what we can expect out of the highly anticipated sequel, Gibson said he's most looking forward to, well, more of himself.

"Go on the Internet — a lot of the fans out there were like, we want to see more of my presence in the film, and the studio and Michael Bay heard that, so Michael's been putting the camera on me a lot more Epps in that film," he revealed. "So thank you all for those e-mails. I appreciate it."

To prepare for his expanded role, Gibson confessed that he called for help from a trusted friend. Could it be, then, that the most important addition to the "Transformers" crew isn't a new Decepticon or Autobot but — Will Smith?

"Will Smith and I have been working out every day," Gibson said. "Because of that, I've lost 46 pounds for this movie."

On the subject of new cars in the film, Gibson was decidedly more mum, although he did reveal that, like with the first film, director Michael Bay was working with car manufacturers to get the very latest designs.

"We have some cars in this film that you will not be seeing into 2011, and that's top-secret. You won't be able to buy them until 2011, they already in the film. Crazy," Gibson said.

It's a philosophy of "more" and "bigger" embraced by Bay but never before seen on this scale, Gibson said.

"There's way more robots, way more craziness. Once again, you are going to see some things that are Oscar-worthy as far as special effects," he said, smiling. "I'm just honored to be a part of it."

"Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" opens June 26, 2009.

Check out everything we've got on "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen."

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Miley Cyrus 'Super Sorry' For Mocking Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez In Video

Miley Cyrus is getting plenty of practice apologizing these days. The latest mea culpa comes less than a week after the "Hannah Montana" star, 15, and pal Mandy Jiroux, 22, posted a YouTube video mocking the 15-year-old star of "Camp Rock" (and "rival Disney tween queen) Demi Lovato and her 16-year-old best friend, Selena Gomez.

Now Cyrus says her clip spoofing Lovato and Gomez's original posting was just a silly joke and that she's "super sorry" if the girls were offended. Cyrus issued the clarification to Popstar! magazine, saying, "We were just, like, having fun. ... They have, like, a YouTube account, and so at the end of our video we did put 'Go to their YouTube.' ... We were kind of supporting their channel, but also being silly because they were being funny, and that's our thing — to be funny. ... Elvis says, 'Imitation is the greatest form of flattery,' so we were imitating them being funny."

Back in February, Cyrus and her dad, Billy Ray, apologized when images leaked of the two not wearing seatbelts in scenes from her "Best of Both Worlds" tour movie. And in April the singer again told the public she was sorry and embarrassed for some racy photos from controversial Vanity Fair cover shoot in which she was depicted seemingly topless and wearing only a sheet, as well as for some "silly, inappropriate" shots of her that were leaked on the Internet.

'Dark Knight' Reigns Over Box Office For Second Week

The Box-Office Top Five

#1 "The Dark Knight" ($75.6 million) #2 "Step Brothers" ($30 million) #3 "Mamma Mia!" ($17.9 million) #4 "The X-Files: I Want to Believe" ($10.2 million) #5 "Journey to the Center of the Earth" ($9.4 million)

In the opening scene of "The Dark Knight," the Joker robs millions from Gotham National Bank, setting off a chain reaction that spirals the city into a cycle of despair and chaos. Maybe, instead, he should have just waited for his residuals?

For the second week in a row, Christopher Nolan's "The Dark Knight" kicked and smashed its way to a gargantuan win at the domestic box office, earning $75.6 million over the weekend for a 10-day total of $314.2 million.

To put those numbers into perspective, after just 10 days "The Dark Knight" is already the second-highest-grossing film of 2008, just behind the three-month haul of "Iron Man." But forget Tony Stark, the Scarecrow, the Penguin and even the Riddler — Batman's greatest foe at this point isn't another superhero or some crazy villain, but history. Let us count the records: With $75.6 million, "The Dark Knight" scored the highest second-weekend total ever (Pow!); the highest 10-day total ever, besting "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest" by more than $50 million (Smash!), and the record for fastest film to hit $300 million (Crunch!). It's also already among the top 25 highest-grossing films of all time; and it's the one recent movie with a decent shot at potentially beating "Star Wars" by landing in the neighborhood of half a billion dollars in the U.S. alone. And, again, it's been out for 10 days. (Wow!)

Send up a signal, Commissioner Gordon — it's time to start thinking about "Batman 3."

("Dark Knight" scribe David Goyer says he's got an idea for "Batman 3." Help us figure out what it is on the Movies Blog.)

Like last weekend's box office, there was Batman and then there was everybody else. But other films did manage to do some business, most notably Will Ferrell's "Step Brothers," which scored $30 million to come in second place. The comedy about a couple of middle-age men stuck in arrested development was the fourth-highest opening of Ferrell's career.

In third place, the dulcet tones of Meryl Streep, Amanda Seyfried and Pierce Brosnan (OK, not Pierce Brosnan) helped their ABBA-palooza "Mamma Mia!" to fall only 35 percent, taking in another $17.9 million. With an overall total of $62.7 million, the musical is a sure bet to crack $100 million domestic.

The same cannot be said of "The X-Files: I Want to Believe," which tanked at the box office after the franchise's protracted hiatus away from the spotlight, earning a dismal $10.2 million to come in fourth place. Called for comment, a representative from the film said that all their usual supporters were abducted by aliens. Go figure.

Rounding out the top five, "Journey to the Center of the Earth" earned $9.4 million, bringing its three-week total to a very respectable $60 million.

Upcoming Releases

Can Batman win three fights in a row? We'll say this: It'll be close, as "Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor" opens in 3,600 theaters. Also opening in wide release is "Swing Vote," a Capra-esque comedy starring Kevin Costner as a man who gets to decide the presidential election.

Check out everything we've got on "The Dark Knight," "Step Brothers" and "Mamma Mia!"

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Ting Tings Bring The Thunder To Brooklyn Concert -- Literally

BROOKLYN, New York — "It looks like there might be thunder," Ting Tings frontwoman Katie White said, standing at the edge of McCarren Park Pool. "It would be good — kind of dramatic if there's lightning. And it might fill the pool up!"

There was no full pool — but there was plenty of thunder, lightning and rain throughout the afternoon. Regardless, Sunday's free concert was packed to capacity — the line to get in stretched around the block and hundreds were turned away from the venue, even after waiting for as long as three hours in the rain. But that didn't stop the Ting Tings from playing punchy, poppy hits from their debut LP, We Started Nothing, like "Shut Up and Let Me Go," "Great DJ" and "That's Not My Name" for lyric-chanting fans.

New Whitney Houston Song -- A Collab With Akon -- Hits The 'Net

Whitney Houston wants you to love her like she never left — at least that's what the Grammy-winning and controversy-laden songstress sings on "Like I Never Left," a new song that has found its way to the Internet. On Sunday, the song hit YouTube and was quickly picked up by the blogosphere, where fans seemed excited to have Whitney singing again.

The track, a three-minute-plus, mid-tempo love song that features Akon, also includes a lyric that says, "Yes, your girl is coming back."

Indeed, it's been awhile since fans have heard any new music from Houston. The singer hasn't released any new material since 2003's One Wish: The Holiday Album.

Akon talked to MTV News about working with Houston back in September. "She's the truth. She's undeniable," he said. "She's got so much to think about, sing about. This album is going to be one of the biggest albums she decided to put out. She has so much energy, so much happiness and sadness to incorporate into the album.

"Her voice is strong enough to deliver any message she wants to sing to the world. It's outta here," he added.

The past few years have been action-packed for Houston. She's been on "Being Bobby Brown," battled drugs and gotten divorced, among other events — but now it seems she's trying to revive her music career.

There's no video to go with the song yet, and no word on whether this will be the first single from her forthcoming LP.

Whitney's sixth album is expected to drop this fall.

'Star Trek' Star Zachary Quinto Says His Spock Is 'On A Collision Course With Himself'

SAN DIEGO — At Comic-Con there are stars, there are favorites, and then there are kings. These days, names like Bruce Campbell, William Shatner and Stan Lee are moving over to make room for a new god among geeks: 31-year-old Zachary Quinto.

Donkey Kong? Aiai The Monkey? George The Ape? Who Is The Best Primate In Video Game History?

Some people might say we here at MTV Multiplayer are bananas for continuing our silly, year-long quest to find the Greatest Animal in the History of Video Games.

And you know what? They’re right.

This month, we march on by listing some of our favorite primates in video games. As always, our judges will later decide their top three picks. And readers, we ask you to weigh in with your favorites as well as ones we’ve missed. Here we go…

Aiai and co. in the “Super Monkey Ball” Series The game features banana-loving monkeys enclosed in balls, and AiAi is its main protagonist. Players can also choose to be AiAi’s wife MeeMee, their son Baby or the stronger-yet-slower monkey GonGon.

Amigo in “Samba de Amigo” The title character is known for shaking his maracas like nobody’s business in the popular rhythm game series.

Andross in the “Star Fox” Series The original space chimp and power-hungry mad scientist, Andross is the recurring arch nemesis to the Star Fox team and aims to take over the Lylat System over and over again.

Agent 9 in the “Spyro the Dragon” Series Playable in the “Spyro” games, Agent 9 is a psychotic, trigger-happy space monkey armed with a laser blaster he calls “Mr. Laser Blaster.”

Abu in “Aladdin” In the Sega Genesis version, if players find an icon for Aladdin’s monkey pal, they can unlock a bonus round where they can control the little guy to catch bonus items falling from the sky.

Coconuts in the “Sonic the Hedgehog” Series The evil robotic monkey would throw coconuts at Sonic or Tails whenever they passed by.

Crackers in “Hail to the Chimp” In the presidential party game, the Congo-bred Crackers was the right-hand monkey to the former King Lion. But word on the street is he’s in cahoots to get the feline back his crown.

Curious George In the games based on the animated movie, players help George explore, collect items (bananas) and unlock various mini-games.

Darwin in “The Adventures of Darwin” When a monkey named Darwin has a dream about an approaching monkey-annilhilating asteroid, he rounds up a few friends to help them evolve and avoid the impending doom of monkey-kind.

Data in the “Mega Man Legends” Series Accompanying Roll as a pet, the little robot monkey helped by saving the player’s game and giving Rock useful information upon request.

Donkey Kong in the “Donkey Kong” Series Created by Shigeru Miyamoto, the hulking gorilla has been a staple of Nintendo games (his own and others) since he starred in the 1981 arcade title with a certain Italian plumber.

Donkey Kong Jr. in the “Donkey Kong” Series Kid of Donkey Kong, Junior starred in his own 1982 arcade game and has appeared throughout various “Mario” and “DK” games.

Diddy Kong in the “Donkey Kong” Series Donkey Kong’s buddy and sidekick, Diddy is known for being more monkey-like than ape, and he dons a red hat bearing the Nintendo logo.

All The Other Kongs in the “Donkey Kong Series” From ladies Candy (DK’s alleged love), Dixie (Diddy’s girlfriend) and Tiny (Dixie’s sister) to Chunky (Diddy’s brother) and Funky (munitions) as well as Lanky (orangutan), Manky (good Kong gone bad), Swanky (sideshow attractions), Cranky (DK’s dad) and Wrinkly (DK’s mom)… there are a lot of Kongs.

Doom Monkeys in the “Crash of the Titans” Series Series antagonist Doctor Neo Cortex has pesky, wrench-wielding simian minions called Doom Monkeys.

Faron in the “Legend of Zelda” Series The Spirit of Light watches over the Faron Province and appears as a monkey. Faron also helps Link return to his human form in “Twilight Princess.”

George the Ape in “Rampage” In the classic arcade game, players could take on the role of giant ape George (a human-turned-monster) to wreak havoc on hapless cities by smashing buildings, destroying vehicles and eating people.

Goldar in “The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” Series The evil humanoid monkey warrior was known to be able to defeat the entire Power Rangers team single-handedly and has appeared as a boss in the various games.

Gorilla in “Gekido” The 3D fighting game also included an unlockable character called Gorilla whose special combos included the Head-butt, the Ground-Pounder and the Crazy Monkey.

Gorilla Grodd in the DC Universe The telepathic supervillain appears as a non-playable character in “Justic League Heroes” and is set to appear in Sony Online Entertainment’s upcoming MMO “DC Universe Online.”

The Hog-Monkeys in the “Avatar: The Last Airbender” Series The game based on the popular Nickelodeon TV series includes enemies that have the body of a monkey with a dog-like face.

Hanumachine in the “Mega Man Zero” Series A boss in “Mega Man Zero,” Hanumachine is a Mutos Reploid based on the Hindu monkey god Hanuman, and he uses fire-based attacks as well as mini-hanmachines to do battle.

Kiki in the “Legend of Zelda” Series Kiki appears to help Link in various ways. In “Link to the Past,” he opens a palace door for Rupees and in “Link’s Awakening” he builds a bridge to the castle for bananas.

King Kong From the Atari 2600 to the 2005 title based on the Peter Jackson re-make, the legendary giant gorilla has been in several of his own games.

King Louie in “The Jungle Book” In the game based on the popular Disney movie (based on the Rudyard Kipling book), the feisty orangutan acts as a boss to lead character Mowgli by throwing bananas at him.

Kongo in “Monkey Magic” Based on the anime series, this PlayStation game was a side-scrolling platformer where a monkey named Kongo used King-Fu and elemental powers to fight for his friends and challenge the gods.

Mojo JoJo in “The Powerpuff Girls” Series The mad scientist chimp with an exposed brain and super-strength acts as the most frequent villain to the Girls.

Money the Monkey in “Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice For All” During a case in the game, a monkey named Money steals Phoenix’s badge, and it’s a wild goose monkey chase to get it back.

Pogo the Monkey in “Grand Theft Auto III” Pogo is a video game character in “GTA III” advertised on the game’s radio stations. The ads promised that you’ll “play through tons of levels - killing scientists and becoming President of The United States!” Pogo also taught kids to “win things,” “kill,” and “covet money!”

Monkey Fling!! in “Bully” “Bully” features boarding school miscreant Jimmy Hopkins and includes an arcade minigame where a monkey must fling his poo to collect bananas.

Pokemonkeys and Pokeapes From squirrel monkeys to apes to chimps, Pokemon’s got it covered with Mankey, Aipom, Ambipom, Chim Char, Monferno, Infernape and Primeape.

The Primates in the “Animal Crossing” Series The variety of gorillas included grumpy Cesar, DK-like Louie, attention-loving Jane and mountain-climber Yodel. There is also Porter, the chipper monkey who can be found at the train station.

Professor Monkey-for-a-Head (and Monkey Professor-for-a-Head) in the “Earthworm Jim” Series A professor with a monkey grafted to his forehead, the villainous Professor Monkey-for-a-Head shares a brain with his simian counterpart and is known for building the ultra-high-tech-indestructible-super-space-cyber-suit.

Rafiki in “The Lion King” and “Kingdom Hearts II” Simba’s crazy mandrill friend appears as a non-playable character in the “Lion King” movie game as well as the Square Enix RPG “KHII.”

Rilla Roo in “Crash Bash” Cross a gorilla and a kangaroo and you’ve got Rilla Roo, who appeared as a playable character in the fifth game of the “Crash Bandicoot” series.

The Saiyans in “Dragon Ball” Universe Including main characters Son Goku and Gohan, the powerful warrior race has monkey tails and the ability to transform into a giant ape-like creature.

Specter in “Ape Escape” “Ape Escape”’s main villain is an albino monkey armed with his Peak Point Helmet, super intelligence and psychic powers.

Sten in “Breath Of Fire II” A playable character in the Capcom RPG, Sten is a foolish chimp that works as a traveling magician. He is a part of the clan of monkeys called Highlanders who are known for their speed and jumping abilities.

Sun Wukung in “The Monkey King: The Legend Begins” This side-scrolling shooter features the Chinese legend as its protagonist fighting his way through ancient China.

Ukiki in the “Mario” Universe This mischievous monkey appears in various “Mario” games as hat-stealer, watermelon seed-spitter and banana-thrower and even a mayor.

Wiki in “Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros’ Treasure” The enchanted monkey friend of Zack, Wiki travels the high seas with his pal to find pieces of a legendary pirate captain for… treasure, of course.

Snake vs. Monkey in “Metal Gear Solid 3″ In this crossover mini-game based on “Ape Escape,” Snake must stun monkeys using the EZ Gun or Stun Generades.

Little Gray the Monkey in “Metal Gear Solid 4″ Little Gray is the pet of Drebin, a munitions launderer in the game. And he’s really darn cute.

The Apes in “Planet of the Apes” Though it came out in the same year as the Tim Burton re-make, the game stays closer to the source material and features a Charlton Heston-esque astronaut named Ulysses that you must help figure out where the hell he is. (Hint: a planet full of apes).

The Chimps in “Space Chimps” The game based on the computer-animated comedy features a chimp named Ham who, along with his crewmates, is on a mission to retrieve a lost ship and save a peaceful planet from the evil Zartog.

The Monkeys in “Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures” The simians in this game throw blocky Indy a much-needed item (a sitck of dynamite, a wrench) in exchange for a nearby banana.

The Monkey in “Monkey Hero” In “Monkey Hero,” A “Zelda”-type RPG, you play a courageous monkey who’s tasked with finding The Magic Story Book to keep the peace between three warring worlds.

The Monkeys in the “Monkey Island” Series The island had a giant monkey head landmark which turned out to be the control room of a giant monkey robot controlled by real monkeys (natch).

The Monkeys in the “TimeSplitters” Series Throughout the series, monkeys are playable characters who perform various roles and wear different disguises (including ninjas, cyborgs and zombies). Got any more to add? Let us know who else should be considered for the greatest primate in video game history! And place your votes below. We’ll follow-up by the end of the month with the official picks from our judges and a count of your selections.

Colbie Caillat: From 'American Idol' Reject To John Mayer Tourmate

Rejection has never felt so good.

Before her "Bubbly" hit, Colbie Caillat was an unknown singer/songwriter hoping that "American Idol" might be her ticket to a recording contract. Unfortunately, whoever was screening contestants that day was a bit shortsighted — Colbie was turned down at the pre-auditions (that's right, she didn't even make it in front of Simon).

But fortunately, there was life after "Idol." She soon found an audience on MySpace, and 42 million plays later, the labels came calling.

Shia LaBeouf Recovering From 'Extensive Hand Surgery' Following Car Crash

"Transformers" actor Shia LaBeouf was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving after an accident in Hollywood early Sunday morning in which he rolled his truck, seriously injuring his hand. Police booked the actor on a misdemeanor charge of driving under the influence and then released him.

According to an Associated Press report, the 22-year-old actor was taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center for treatment of injuries to his left hand, as well as a knee injury and a minor head injury. A spokesperson for the "Indiana Jones" star said he underwent hand surgery and plans to return to work on the "Transformers" sequel within a month.

"Attorneys for Mr. LaBeouf confirm that an automobile accident involving an additional party occurred early morning in Los Angeles on July 27, 2008," read a statement from spokesperson. "Shia is currently recovering from extensive hand surgery with plans to return to work on the set of 'Transformers 2' within one month. No further comment will be issued at this time."

LaBeouf was injured when he tried to make a left turn at a West Hollywood intersection around 3 a.m. on Sunday and his pickup truck collided with another vehicle. The unidentified female passenger in LaBeouf's truck and the driver of the other vehicle were not seriously injured in the accident. Police said LaBeouf was clearly intoxicated at the scene, but because no one else in the crash was injured, the police charged him with a misdemeanor, according to a report in Us Magazine.

According to TMZ, a witness heard a loud crash around 2:45 a.m. and heard LaBeouf's truck roll over. When the witness arrived on the scene, LaBeouf was reportedly already out of the car, and his passenger was crawling out of the driver's side window of the truck, which was "smoking, making noise and still running."

The actor has had less serious legal difficulties in recent months. Last fall he was arrested at a Chicago Walgreens drugstore for criminal trespassing after refusing the leave the premises. He later joked about the incident with David Letterman, saying, "Drinking and driving is one thing, but drinking and shopping ... it's just as bad."

In February he received a ticket for illegal smoking, and a bench warrant was briefly issued for his arrest after he and his lawyer failed to show up for a court appearance regarding the ticket.

Amy Winehouse hospitalised - spokesman

LONDON (Reuters) - Amy Winehouse has been taken to hospital, her spokesman said on Monday. He had no further details.

When asked about the incident, a spokeswoman for the London ambulance service said: "We did take the patient to hospital ... at about 8.40 p.m. (British time)," after being called to an address in north London.

The 24-year-old pop star, whose battle against drug addiction in recent months has overshadowed her recording successes, has a home in Camden, north London.

(Reporting by Mike Collett-White; Editing by Giles Elgood)

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New Whitney leaked

The first new material from Whitney Houston in five years has been leaked, according to reports. "Like I Never Left", a duet with Akon, was posted online earlier today but has now been removed from numerous websites. It is thought to confirm the return of the star following years in the pop wasteland, amid claims of drug addiction and the collapse of her marriage to Bobby Brown. The last original Houston song was 2003's "One Wish For Christmas" but the star is shortly expected to return with her first album of new music since "Just Whitney" in 2002. The leak of "Like I Never Left", which is also said to have been produced by Akon, is his second track to emerge on the internet in recent weeks. Last month, "Hold My Hand", a new collaboration with Michael Jackson, became available and was then swiftly removed. Watch Whitney Houston's music videos here... Search for the latest concerts tickets on Ticketmaster

Foos' Wembley film

The Foo Fighters are to release a live film recorded at one of their Wembley Stadium shows, it has been announced. Dave Grohl and co played a pair of landmark gigs at the reopened home of English football in June. The DVD was recorded on the second of two nights, which saw guest appearances from Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones, of Led Zeppelin fame. Their collaboration on "Rock And Roll" and "Ramble On" will feature on "Foo Fighters: Live At Wembley Stadium". The tracklisting is as follows: "The Pretender" "Times Like These" "No Way Back" "Cheer Up, Boys (Your Make Up Is Running)" "Learn To Fly" "Long Road To Ruin" "Breakout" "Stacked Actors" "Skin And Bones" "Marigold" "My Hero" "Cold Day In The Sun" "Everlong" "Monkey Wrench" "All My Life" "Rock And Roll" "Ramble On" "Best Of You" "Foo Fighters: Live At Wembley Stadium", is released on August 23. Watch Foo Fighters' music videos here... Search for the latest concerts tickets on Ticketmaster

Motley Crue: The movie

A movie about the debauched career of Motley Crue is in the pipeline, Tommy Lee has revealed. The drummer says he wants Johnny Depp to play him in the big screen adaptation, describing the acclaimed film star as "the best actor ever". The rock icons have previously spawned two infamous books, Nikki Sixx's "The Heroin Diaries" and Neil Strauss's "The Dirt", which could provide action-packed background. Speaking about the latest plans for the film, Lee said: "Johnny Depp would be my choice to play me. He's the best (actor) ever. "We're working on the film, trying to find the right producers and director and all that sort of stuff." Rumours about the movie have been rife for some months, with Christopher Walken apparently cast as Ozzy Osbourne and Val Kilmer to play David Lee Roth. Watch Motley Crue's music videos here... Search for the latest concerts tickets on Ticketmaster

Metallica explain "Death Magnetic"

The new Metallica album is dedicated to all the musicians that have lost their lives at the hands of rock, the band have revealed. The rock titans confirmed the full tracklisting for "Death Magnetic" earlier this month, prompting singer James Hetfield to explain the title. He says the follow-up to 2003's "St Anger" is for all the "rock and roll martyrs" taken by the music scene over the years. "It started out as kind of a tribute to people that have fallen in our business, like (Alice In Chain's) Layne Staley and a lot of the people that have died, basically - rock and roll martyrs of sorts. And then it kind of grew from there. "Thinking about death...just like a magnet, some people are drawn towards it, (and) other people are afraid of it and push away", explained Hetfield. "Death Magnetic" will be released later this year, in a historic simultaneous link-up with the Guitar Hero video game. Watch Metallica's music videos here... Search for the latest concerts tickets on Ticketmaster

Toyah 'having the time of her life' on Eighties nostalgia tour


Toyah Willcox seemed to have cheated time when she performed at an Eighties revival gig over the weekend. The punk queen once famed for her outrageous outfits and hits such as Echo Beach was a ball of energy at the 'Here And Now' concert in London.

During the show - which also featured Paul Young and Heaven Is A Place On Earth star Belinda Carlisle - Toyah pogo-danced and sang her way through songs from her 30-year career plus covers including Guns N' Roses classic Sweet Child O' Mine.

The singer, who's now 50 and enjoys a fortune established selling stocks and property, has mellowed somewhat. On occasion she's been known to tell audiences: "Don't worry, I'm going to behave myself – there are children here I realise."

That doesn't stop the former rebel "having the best time of my life" on this summer's special tour.

Bono: The Godfather

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have asked Bono to be godfather to their newborn twins, it has been claimed. The movie star couple recently became proud parents to a baby boy and girl and are said to be "inspired" by the U2 frontman. According to reports, he was happy to accept the request. "Brad and Angie think the world of Bono. They have been friends for years", said a 'source'. "Brad is a massive U2 fan and told Bono how much he admired him when they were introduced at a party a few years back. "Since then, they've become very close, which Brad is thrilled about. Angelina is inspired by Bono's humanitarian work and gets on with his wife Ali Hewson. "Ali's given Angelina some clothes from her ethical clothing range Edun", the 'source' told a UK tabloid. The twins, Vivienne Marcheline and Knox Leon, were born in a French hospital earlier this month. Watch U2's music videos here... Search for the latest concerts tickets on Ticketmaster

George reforms Wham!?

George Michael is planning to reform Wham! at his retirement concerts in London next month, according to reports. The pop icon, who is currently touring America, returns for a pair of dates at Earls Court in August. They are mooted to be the last time he will play live and are expected to be filmed for subsequent DVD release. A UK tabloid claims this morning that Michael will be reunited with Andrew Ridgeley onstage for the historic gigs. A 'source' revealed the news, commenting: "George is planning a series of surprises for his final shows. "He's keeping his cards close to his chest, but many are predicting that he'll reunite with Andrew to sing a track or two." Watch George Michael's music videos here... Buy George Michael Tickets

Doctor Who makes a special appearance at the Proms


Music-loving sci-fi fans had a treat on Sunday when Daleks and Cybermen took over the BBC Proms.

In a special Doctor Who-themed concert, former assistant Freema Agyeman presented a selection of classical favourites all featuring the theme of space and time. Music from the BBC's hit series – including the legendary signature tune - was also performed at the Royal Albert Hall concert.

While the Doctor – actor David Tennant – could not be there in person, he did make an appearance in a specially filmed scene shown during the two-hour event's interval. The action was written by Russell T Davies, the man behind the return of the show.

The family friendly concert is the first appearance of Doctor Who in the Proms' 118-year history.